James Morrisson is a retired attorney.  He was law clerk to Chief Justice Stone of the U.S. Supreme Court and served in various legal capacities in the federal Government.  He has argued a number of cases in the US Supreme Court.  

He holds a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies.  He has taught Scripture and has edited Christian teaching materials. 

He currently lives in Richmond, VA with Frances, his bride of more than 60 years.



Be Transformed by the Renewing of Your Minds

Who Did Jesus Say That He Is?

Evidence That Jesus Was Resurrected

The Abundance of God

A Perspective About the End Times

Some Thoughts About the Judgment of God

The Authority of Scripture

Some Thoughts About Salvation

Is Reincarnation Scriptural?

But Even If Not

The Fruit of the Spirit

Pain and Suffering

Our God Is Faithful

The Importance of Obedience

Is Christianity Exclusive?

The Trinity

The Unmerited Favor of God

Pressing In To God
Visions of God in Scripture
Standing Firm in the Faith
Jesus the Divider
Should the Christian Life be Easy?
Our Position In Christ
Dealing with Difficulties
Total Commitment to God
Does God Know Everything Before it Happens?
Good and Evil
Living by the Spirit
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The purpose of Standing Firm in the Faith is very practical – to let Scripture stir people into action. The Bible says that Scripture is living and active. It can profoundly impact our lives if we allow it to. It has impacted my life greatly. I hope that Standing Firm in the Faith will encourage all of us to allow Scripture to affect the way we live our lives.

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